Queen Letizia presided over the delivery of the National Flag to the Special Naval Warfare Force in Cartagena (Murcia)

8241181C-B1AE-4284-8855-DF53C3552FB5 C191F000-A18C-43D0-8113-7A4504D7D3BA FC731B2C-4675-4801-979F-6E05A1C0B8E9 C96993F1-7AFD-4B5F-AE1E-D8B6DC1FCBE0 4FE264F6-9259-4241-BB5F-ABF3861733D2 056AD064-45F1-4880-9729-186E773F1EF41113DB0C-878F-4EEA-B8A0-59321AB14474 84065398-0B4D-45A3-A879-6126A7D75E5D 407C1E3D-09F4-41DA-B086-24558528A1B6

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