Countess Eloise of Oranje-Nassau released her book “Learning By Doing”, today 17th June 2021.


In the book, Eloise answers questions she gets from her followers on Instagram. For example, writes about clothing, student life and food.
“Of course I wanted them to know more about me. But my message is above all: do your thing and be yourself. That’s how I live myself,” the oldest daughter of Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands told.

It was quite “stressful” to write a book during her education at the hotel school. “That was a lot, yes, because my studies are very busy,” she says with a laugh. “But the team has helped me a lot. And the book was also a kind of way out of the hustle and bustle, I could get creative. So it was stressful, but most of all a lot of fun.”

I was able to hold the book for the first time today. It’s so surreal, I really have no words for it. This is just my baby,” she says. “It turned out really beautiful.”

Her parents are also proud of her and have helped her a lot during the writing process. “They are very proud, have been very supportive and given me a lot of feedback. That helped me so much. But they did give me complete freedom in what I wrote about.”
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