Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary spent third and final in Germany.


Grand Opening of the business delegation’s programme in Munich
Opening of Fritz Hansen exhibition
Visit at the sector seminar Healthy Living
Business luncheon
Visit at Fraunhofer Institute
Programme for HRH The Crown Prince
Visit at the sector seminar Sustainable Living in BMW Pavilion
Programme for HRH The Crown Princess
Visit at the joint Tasty and Stylish Living event in Freiheizhalle

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What Mary Wore

Dress :Joesph

Shoes:Christian Louboutin

Clutch :Hugo Boss

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  1. Mary is one of the most elegant women of the world !!! She does not have the dazzling beauty of Grace of Monaco or Princess Diana for example but she has a unique sense of dress code and that makes her a very spercial royal person !!!!!!

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