Crown Prince  Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are currently in Germany for a three day official visit.

Programme: Hamburg

Reception at Hamburg City Hall
Grand Opening of the business delegation’s programme in Hamburg
Visit at the sector seminar Stylish Living
Visit at the sector seminar Tasty Living
Visit at the sector seminar Sustainable Living
Visit at the sector seminar Healthy Living
Opening of the exhibition “Create with Aarhus” at HafenCity University
Dinner for business organizations in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Programme for  Crown Prince Frederik

Visit at the hospital Asklepios Klinikum in Barmbek
Visit at the sector conference Sustainable Living at HafenCity University
Participation in Fehmarn Belt briefing

Programme for Crown Princess Mary

Opening of Danish design exhibition
Visit at the Edeka supermarket in Rindermarkthalle


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Who Mary Wore

Coat: Tory Burch

Clutch:Carlend Copenhagen


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Dress:David Andersen

Clutch :Carlend Copenhagen

Shoes:Manolo Blahnik

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