Crown Princess Mary presented the 2017 Index Awards in Helsingør

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    I noticed you used my screenshot of the skirt from my Twitter account Japanese_Ginger. Therefore, you have seen that I identified the skirt. I would appreciate if you would state me as the source of your find.

    In the future, it is always a good idea to say who found the piece if it’s not you. Those of us who do this spend a great deal of time finding pieces, and it’s frustrating to see our work stolen.

    • says

      l didnt use your photo,
      l used photo from this link’ ‘ Royaldish’
      Ususlly all website use same photo
      Of course l give your name when l use your photo

      • says

        Regardless of the photo you used, the identification is mine. However, RD got both the photo and the id from me, and it is very frustrating to see so many ids on this site (both mine and others) not credited to the person who found it.

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