E2DE6B37-F1C5-49E7-9D7C-FBA111734199 C63E6747-97D6-4F58-B8FB-E4519AA3337C 003B69C3-6A63-4DA6-8C90-43669EF66915 E5200E37-07B5-4CEF-8775-FD4BB5091AF5 9F5DF088-47E6-4805-93E6-589C5503C8DE A3148F8E-46A3-42DF-A70D-61540F6BC876 5D412670-CDDB-4B91-B52D-E56831FF2676 A78F071B-00A8-4CF9-B9E5-B283646CACF1 21BC9622-F9BD-4427-B6FC-0A1388ADE770

Skirt ● Max Mara

Bag ● Ralph Lauren

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi

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