CrownPrincessMary, Patron of the Christmas Stamp Foundation, attended the presentation of this year’s Christmas stamp

DE5F8C04-F1C7-4CFC-AD27-E83B63144B44 8FE884FC-11C2-40F2-92E8-F7B307F7400C 9A33AF28-787B-4DDF-8301-9BCA8E67058B 3E4DBBE0-4D88-4D06-93C8-9A196E702B4A F7007AC3-6875-4C5B-A7CE-2F26716C2135 F8AFD0B2-B37D-45B7-87D2-816C81DAC227 A3026C8F-3C2B-4050-B78E-778A8A9AA2BF 916A0257-991C-420D-B9B2-7A687DFB1758

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