The morning brings the Royal Couple first visited the Frisians Church. This from 1140 stemming church stands on the site as early as the 8th century together pilgrims from the lowlands came. The King and Queen received by the rector, Bishop Hurkmans, commanding a Dutch weekly wrong here. The church is a symbol of ancient history between the Netherlands and the Holy See and is an introduction to the visit of Paus Franciscus.

The state visit to the Vatican then officially starts with an audience with Paus Franciscus. Upon arrival up the Swiss Guard, and the King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima have a conversation with the church leader in the Papal leave. Then the King and Queen have a conversation with the Vatican government, Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

Afterwards the King in the Biblioteca Apostolica handed a staff commander attributed to Willem van Oranje. The Catholic Spaniards won the chief executive after their victory over Protestant Dutch rebels at the battle on the Mookerheide (1574). This baton is on loan from the Catalan Jesuit convent of Sant Cugat and contributes William of Orange weapon. From April to October 2018 can visit the staff at the National Military Museum in Soesterberg, during an exhibition on Willem van Oranje.

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  1. I wonder if Queen Maxima and the Pope spoke Spanish since they’re both from Argentina…but probably they had a Dutch interpreter….

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