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4 Comments on meghan markle and prince harry with their children in Costa Rica

    • Just like all the other photos they try to put out there, grainy, blurred and always the back of the head. If something doesn’t speak to that as being questionable, I don’t know what is. If these were truly their real kids, they would be shown all the time but, when your just borrowing kids for a fixed shot, well then you have to be more careful as one can never be sure when one or the other can’t attend the fake out, they must obscure any discrepancies in their appearances. So Carry on with the hide and don’t seek, Meggy and Humpy. Your not fooling anyone!

      • Ah, the resident troll speaks up. Here’s a newsflash for you: no one cares about your unsolicited opinions. They’re on vacation to unwind as a family, not for you to play inspector. And while you’re busy running your mouth, maybe take a moment to do some research. In some countries, media outlets can only publish pictures of kids with permission, and there are strict laws about showing their faces. So next time, think before you blurt out nonsense.

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