Queen Letizia attended several audiences at Zarzuela Palace  in Madrid, Spain.(more photos:1)

   Letizia is wearing a  Designers Remix top,Hugo Boss pants and Felipe Varela shoes. 
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2 Comments on Audiences at Zarzuela Palace, Madrid

  1. Okay, what is going on on the royal fashion front?!?! First Mary, then Max, I thought for sure that Letizia would save the day, but today isn’t it. This shirt is so unbecoming on her and for a print is still somewhat boring. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Fingers crossed 🙂

  2. First Mary, then Max and now my favorite has fallen victim to boring fashion. Of course nothing could take away from Letizia’s beauty but boy this blouse sure does try hard to do that! lol Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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