King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima began a two-day state visit to South Korea.(more photos:1,2,3)

Maxima is wearing a  Mirian van Kampen dress and Gianvito Rossi shoes. She’s also wearing a  Jan Taminiau dress.

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2 Comments on Official Visit to South Korea – Day 1

  1. Imo not a great fashion day for Max. The beige colored dress is so blah on her, her personality really calls for brighter colors and I really wish she would stop wearing those colored ace bandages, I keep thinking she’s bumped her head. The evening dress really threw me, is looked like part of her bosom was showing through, thank goodness it was just the fold of the fabric. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much as last week was such a wonderful week for royal fashion it is evitable that it couldn’t last forever. Sigh…

  2. Did I miss the memo, is it blah fashion day today?? These dresses do nothing for Max, she needs color, style!! I had to do a double take on the evening dress as it looks like the side of her bosom was showing! lol turns out it’s just the fold of the fabric, thank goodness international fashion crisis averted!!

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