Crown Princess Mary on the second day of visit to  South Africa .(more photos:1)
Mary is wearing a Massimo Dutti dress and Jimmy Choo shoes.She’s also wearing a Giambattista Valli skirt ,Naledi Copenhagen clutch and Jewlscph earrings.

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3 Comments on Visit to South Africa -Day 2

  1. Well, this dress is not the best I’ve seen Mary wear. The color is too light, the cut too full and the belt doesn’t seem to fit well. Oh well, an occasional fashion flub is to be expected even for someone like Mary. 🙂

  2. Oh my, not a good fashion day for CP Mary. The color is too blah for her and the cut is a bit too large and the belt doesn’t fit very well. Oh well, after her stunning turn a few nights ago she was due for a fashion flub.

  3. Sorry about the double comments. I didn’t think my first comment would show up as I used my work computer so I redid my comment at home this morning.

    Also, sorry for the double comments on a few prior posts, same reason 🙂

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